FURst Class Vacations

Do you have an upcoming business trip or conference, or do you have some monotonous or otherwise unwanted responsibilities to take care of that would take you away from your furry friend? Don't make them suffer in boredom along with you.....send them on a much deserved pet vacation!

Being charged with the responsibility of being man's best friend, day in and day out, is a huge weight to bear. The unwavering dedication and devotion of your loved one often goes unacknowledged. So, why not show them how grateful you really are? Just because you're not able to lounge on a sandy beach, under the filtered shade of feathered palm tree fronds, or to hike the adventurous trails of the tree studded mountains, doesn't mean that your pet should be forced to stay at home and be lonely. Treat them like the Furst Class pet that they are. Let us plan them an adventure of a lifetime! For around the same cost as you would pay to board them in a kennel, they can fly the friendly skies and enjoy their favorite treats in places other pets (and even people) could never dream of going! Just think about it: would you rather be locked up in a cold, sterile, kennel for days..... or laying on a beach, listening to the rhythm of waves crashing on the shore? Yeah, that's what we thought. Contact us today!

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